Repurposing high-quality fabric into beautifully simple products for shoppers worldwide!

6″ X 9″ Accessory Pouches

Variety of Ornaments

11" x 13" hand-sewn zippered bag with wristlet made with repurposed fabric

11″ x 13″ Project Bags

These Valentine Earrings have been knit with repurposed 100% wool fingering-weight yarn.  Due to the nature of the dyeing of the yarn, each earring will be slightly different but all will have shades of red, pink, and white!

Carousel of Colors

What is Earthwise Emporium all about? Is it just making things from second-hand fabric? That’s just part of it. It’s about taking fabric that someone else was going to craft with; a person with plans and intentions; a person who chose the fabric because they loved the color and envisioned making something beautiful with it. Time and circumstances changed all that for them.


She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands.

Proverbs 31:13

Repurposing fabric

Giving new life to fabrics

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