Welcome to Earthwise Emporium, where repurposing fabric is a way of life!

Introducing Farmhouse Vintage Ornaments

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Our Products

Accessory bag, 6" x 9", in a soft purple with a lighter purple leaf design over all. A wristlet in the same fabric is attached to the zipper

6″ X 9″ Small Pouches

3" round ball patriotic spiral ornament, red, white & blue fabrics attached with pins. Pearlized white pins attached to simulate stars. Red, white & blue ribbon bow and hanger attached.

Variety of Ornaments

About Earthwise Emporium

Selection of 6" x 9" bags hanging on a hook on the back of a door.

Earthwise Emporium was created in response to the current years of wastefulness in our country.

In the 1920’s, my grandmother would take her children’s outgrown clothing to a rug maker and upon completion, my mother and her sister would enjoy playing on the rugs and identifying their old clothing!

The mission of Earthwise Emporium is to follow my grandmother’s wisdom but instead of rag rugs, we have bags, pouches, and ornaments, with ideas for more products to come.





Repurposing fabric

Giving new life to fabrics

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