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Natural Healing Heating Pad

Add a heating pad to your personal care regime or buy as a present to care for someone else! Heatings pads are wonderful for natural healing and comfort! These have a gentle, therapeutic weight to them, fit your shoulders, lower back and across the abdomen beautifully and made with repurposed fabric, lined for extra strength  and filled with flax seed.

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Natural Healing Heating Pad


These heating pads are made from repurposed high-quality cotton blend fabrics, are lined with cotton fabric from sheets to provide extra strength and filled with flax seed. The flax seed helps retain the heat for about 20 minutes after the pad is microwaved for 2:30 minutes.

Channels are sewn in to allow the flax seed to be more stable, staying in place rather than settling in one area of the pad. The curved shape helps the pad to stay on the shoulders, lower back or abdomen.

The heating pads come in an array of colors.

The heating pad can also be chilled for helping to relax tight muscles, decreasing pain caused by muscle tension, muscle spasms, joint pain, stiffens and cramps.

Gentle, moist heat promotes healing, and the weight of the pad is therapeutic, gentle and can conform to the body. It helps increase circulation to the area. It’s calming, soothing, relaxing and comforting and can help soothe cramps, arthritis, back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, stomach aches, sinus symptoms, strains and sprains, muscles spasms, sore muscles, menopause, migraines, join pain, bursitis, stress, tmj.

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