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Happy 4th of July – Red – Patriotic Ornament


Happy 4th of July – Red – Patriotic Ornament

Celebrate your pride in America with a patriotic ornament crafted from high-quality repurposed fabrics! Hang them in your home, give as a gift.  Cross stitched message on one side, with a star on the other.

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Happy 4th of July – Red – Patriotic Ornament

These ornaments are made using high-quality repurposed fabrics.  The red and white gingham came from a dress a friend gave me when cleaning out her closet; she knew I’d be able to make something pretty from it!

The lovely blue is a calico print that was a dress that belonged to my sister-in-law. She’d begun to take it apart in order to reuse it herself but she reached a point where she could no longer sew. I was offered her fabric stash with no instructions other than do what I wanted! Similar to the red fabric, from a distance, the detail of the calico is hard to see.

Adding the white, in the red, white and blue, is a print that was part of her stash. It reminds me of a print that is often used in men’s shirts, however, this is a large remnant which will find its way into various projects, including one of the heating pads for sale!

The pearl beads and foam ball providing the shape were purchased from a small, woman-own business, Ornament Girls. The Ornament Girls site provides a free tutorial for the the ribbon, ideas for adding embellishments.

These ornaments made with several pins and should be kept away from small children and pets.

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