Christmas 3″ Blue Spiral Ball Ornament


Christmas 3″ Blue Spiral Ball Ornament

All ornaments are made with good quality remnants and while they may be similar, they rarely match which makes creating them lots of fun! This ornament can be hung on your Christmas Tree, given as a gift, set on your table, or in a pretty bowl. You could hang it in a window, on a wall scone, or hook. So versatile and many ways to display it.

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3″ styrofoam ball
repurposed fabric
ribbons for bows and hanger

Christmas ornaments are made with high-quality repurposed fabrics and with great attention paid to details.

Ornaments are also made with pins and a polystyrene shapes. Because of the pins, ornaments are not toys and should be kept away from children and pets.

All ornaments made by folding the fabrics and held down with several pins and should be kept away from small children and pets as they could be hazardous if played with.   All my ornaments are unique and one of a kind.  All are handmade with repurposed fabric.

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